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Our experience working with prestigious and highly regarded firms within Saint Vincent & the Grenadines has instilled the tradition of exceptional service

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Welcome to Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services Inc.

Whatever your documentation needs... We can:

Type It..Record It..Copy It..Fax It..Deliver It..Collect It..Research It..Enhance It..Transcribe It..Plan It..Email It..Host It..Surf It..and so much more!

Whatever your training needs.... We can:

Teach it..Facilitate it..Recommend it..Certify it and much more!

Your business may be Large or a Single individual operation, delegate your businesses:

- Office management

- Secretarial needs

- Association management

- Training needs

- Support to online Visa applications and travel documentations

to our freelance virtual assistants of Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services Inc and spend less time behind a desk and more time responding to your clients.

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Service Areas

  • Office Management

  • Secretarial needs

  • Coordination and Facilitation of conferences and workshops

  • Training needs

  • Rapporteur

  • Outsourcing

  • Support Online Visa: Including USA and Canadian Visas

  • Job Placement

  • Digitizing Documents