Petit St Vincent has been utilizing PSCS’s team and their various services now for the past 6 years.

Due to Petit St Vincent being remotely located, as the most southern island in the Grenadines, we often need a professional and competent representation based on the main island of St Vincent to assist us with our legal affairs and recruitment processes.

Time after time Ms. Crichton’s team have shown efficient support and positive results.

We would recommend Ms. Crichton and her team to any companies that may need a similar assistance.

Matt Semark - General Manager

Petit St. Vincent Island and Resort

I have been a client of Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services Inc for over 15yrs.

I've never used the service of anyone else because I am always satisfied with the work produce by them. I can call on them at any short notice and know they are going to try their very best to accommodate me and ensure that they produce work of excellence at the same time. They have been my secretary, administrator, printers, and more. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I in particular do not know what I will do without PSCS at the helm of my business.

I wish the management and staff of professional secretarial services many success going forward.

~Auldine Brown

Owner/manager Stylin chic by Auldine, Auldines Cosmetics

Best of SVG 2017/ 2018.

Culture man’s Welding Service has been working with PSCS Inc. for over 20 years. We find that the services we received over the years from this company are very efficient, reliable and are of high standards. The staff is without a doubt have been well trained, they are eager to assist when needed and shows a great deal of dedication. We, as a business feel proud to be working with a company of such high caliber and applaud PSCS Inc. for their consistent professionalism. We look forward to continuously working with PSCS Inc. in the future and will highly recommend their services to other companies.

Cultureman Welding Service, Stanley “Cultureman” Walker

Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services embodies just what its name says; Professionalism. My father and I have had the pleasure of being assisted many times by management and employees alike and we are always satisfied. The young ladies are not only professional, they are kind, courteous and helpful every single time we use their services.

K.BTra Portable Toilet and Septic Service, Kimesha Davis

"Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services Inc provided Landell Mills Ltd, UK with outstanding administrative support for the project ‘Provision of Technical Assistance to the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines for the Agricultural Diversification Programme’ for about 8 months. The quality of services provided to our international team in St Vincent has been excellent, significantly facilitating our team's work."

Francesca GuisoGallisai, Project Executive

Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services have been our business partner for quite some time. For a company situated in the grenadines, it is sometimes difficult to conduct business on the mainland without some sort of physical presence. PSCS filled that gap for us offering a range of services provided with a high level of professionalism.

The staff is courteous and bends backwards to meet our needs. We are satisfied with the

high quality of service we receive, and we are happy to have chosen Professional

Secretarial Services."

Tony Telemaque -Consultant

July 30th, 2010- "On behalf of the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom, I would like to thank Camille Crichton and all her staff at Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services Inc for the excellent job that you did in making sure that every aspect of the recent Commonwealth Secretariat funded food safety and peer group trainer workshop ran well. Your level of organisation was superb with every last detail covered leaving the instructors free to get on with the job of training. Once again thanks very much for a job well done, we look forward to working with PSCS Inc again and would recommend the company as the ideal choice for work on St Vincent and the Grenadines."

Provided by Dr Andrew Graffham, Principal Scientist, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, UK

"The managing director, Mrs Camille Crichton, is thorough, highly efficient, reliable and professional. She is also highly skilled in problem solving, networking, organizing events and accounting services. We have every confidence in recommending her services."

Ken Nedd, B.SC., M.D. Medical doctor, best selling author of Power over Stress and featured as a top 10 speaker in

North America

I have been doing business with PSCS for over 10 years and I’ve found your company to be one that demonstrates a high level of professionalism and honesty. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to many more years of your exceptional service.

~Caesar Real Estate, Lex Caesar

“Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services Inc provided on the ground management of the Magna Rewards loyalty program for several years. Their team provided support in several areas while the company management was overseas, and they did an excellent job in dealing with all of our needs from client management, customer service, and operations. We were confident knowing that our affairs were being effectively managed in the hands of PSCS Inc.”

Trevor Clarke General Manager, Magna Rewards Inc.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mrs. Camille Crichton and Professional Secretarial & Consultancy Services (PSCS) for their services. As an EAP provider and OD consultant providing staff development workshops, PSCS has coordinated and marketed our programmes in St Vincent with much success. We have also recommended PSCS to US based organisations who we know have been quite pleased with the administrative services they have received. PSCS comes well recommended as they operate to high standards and are very professional in their outlook.

Dr. Keith Lequay CaribCare limited/OD Consultant


In 1995, I was introduced to the Professional Secretarial Institute as an alternative to attending the SVG Technical College. Twenty seven years later, I can assure you that this was the best opportunity that I was blessed with. Most impactful to me was the mix of industry and academics - the tutors were all professionals in their own field, ably imparting this knowledge in a practical way to students. At the time, the programme had two levels which allowed students to gradually gain varying levels of competencies while being prepared with the experience and ethics required to enter the field of work. The staff at the office are reliable and friendly and always willing to help students to succeed. PSCI helped me to gain several life-long attributes which has helped me over the years as I progressed in my career and I am proud to say that I am an alumni of this institution. I recommend the PSCI to any one looking to gain a quality academic qualification in the field of business, while at the same time obtaining practical experiences to prepare them for the world of work in many fields.

~(Kechewia Charles, 1998 Graduate)

3rd August 2010 “The ABE creates a stepping stone for me to be able to gain my Degree in the UK. It is more convenient for me to attend Institute of Professional Development because I can now work full-time and still complete the necessary Certificate & Diploma courses required towards my degree. Although it takes longer, when compared to the cost of completing the entire course in the UK it is relatively cheaper. The opportunities are endless hence more persons should be made of aware them." Natasha Bute

“Attending PSI helped me to look at life in a positive perspective and it also made me realise that one cannot take everything for granted. Through PSI I obtained a job and gained some CXC O’levels and acquire typing and computer skills.”

Shanelle Neverson, Byera Hill, St Vincent - student 2002-2004

“PSI prepared me for the job market. I learn how to conduct myself in the business world. It also helped me to develop my self esteem. I will recommend to other students especially those who did not complete secondary school.”

Necois Neverson, Questelles Village, St Vincent student 2001 - 2003

“Attending Professional Secretarial Institute prepared me with not only the fundamentals but also the other essential well-needed skills to break into the Secretarial field. It is also these skills that further propelled my rise to the Administrative Supervisory level. I will strongly recommend the continuation of this programme.

Rhondeen George, Penniston, 1995 – 1997

“It gives me the opportunity at a second chance to gain passes at CXC as I wasted the opportunity I had at my former school, Petit Bordel Secondary. It is also shaping me for the world of works. I will like to see it continue to other students my age who were not successful while at secondary school. They will be given a second chance and also to students who did not complete secondary school.”

Sherrique Victory, Fitz Hughes, 2005 – 2007

“So far, this Institute motivates me to continue my secondary education and gives an opportunity to young people who did not finish their secondary. It will help us to be more progressive in what we do. It helps me to be more discipline in my attitude. I think that the programme should continue and give more people the chance to complete their secondary education to get a good job.”

Shanda Phillips, Chauncey Village, 2005 - 2007

“As a current student of PSI, it is as an opportunity to develop myself and further my studies. It gives me a feel of preparing for the working world. I recommend that PSI continue its programmes.”

Ashantie Foye, Chauncey, 2004 – 2006