Institute of Professional Development

Institute of Professional Development formerly Professional Secretarial Institute commenced operations in 1992 with the main objective of educating young women from the lower economic strata of society. These young women who usually fall into the category of being

  • Former secondary school drop outs

  • Unwed teenage mothers

  • Behaviorally challenged young adults

Are giving the opportunity to acquire skills and academic qualifications thereby being empowered to improve their standard of living. The provision of train workforce in the area of office administration and practice is also a major objective of PSI.

The Institute supplements the secondary programme in St Vincent and the Grenadines by providing secondary education for a number of student categories. Subjects taught (in preparation for CXC/Pitman examinations includes):

- English

- Maths

- Principles of Accounts

- Principles of Business

- Office Practice

- Typing/Word processing

The Institute has developed strategic alliances with members of the private sector, who cooperate and provide job placements for students.

The Institute is also accredited to National Vocational Qualification Training (NVQ). click here